Bobcat Goldthwait Live 1998 A Casino Somewhere Near Sioux City, IA

Help me with the date of this show for Bobcat Goldthwait Live in Iowa in 1998.

Bobcat Goldthwait 1998
Bobcat Goldthwait played the xx Casino in Iowa on xx, xx 1998.

Not as loud as he used to be but still hilarious!!

Around 1997/1998, Bobcat Goldthwait made a conscious decision to evolve his comedy from his well-known shock value antics to a more nuanced and thought-provoking act. This transformation was likely a natural progression of maturation and a desire to be taken more seriously as a creative artist. Leaving behind his trademark high-pitched screech and wild on-stage persona allowed him to focus more on the content of his comedy rather than just the delivery.

By refining his act, Goldthwait could engage with his audience on a deeper level, addressing more complex and substantial topics in his routines. This shift also mirrored a change in the comedy landscape where audiences began to appreciate comedians who could make them think as well as laugh. As a result, Goldthwait’s comedy became more personal, authentic, and resonant, showcasing his true voice and talent as a comedian and eventually as a filmmaker.

This evolution enhanced his reputation, showing that he was not just a one-dimensional performer but a versatile artist with a range of abilities, capable of both eliciting laughter and provoking thought, which made him a better comedian in the eyes of many fans and critics alike.

Bobcat and his dog.

Always a perfect imitation of Bono.

Bobcat on Wikipedia.

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